Monday, June 14, 2010

Wearing White Shoes Before, During and After Labor Day

I had a bad flashback when I was washing my husband’s exercise clothes Sunday night. No, I’m not talking about sweaty gym socks resurrecting some memory of a smelly locker room. I suddenly remembered washing my gym clothes for junior high and high school P.E. We had to polish our white tennis shoes every week. You know, with that yucky polish that probably only nurses used. It was the kind with the sponge on the end and look like a giant white out bottle. We had to “polish” them or really, paint over the dirt, and then “dress out” on Monday. We had inspection. We stood in our horrible blue gym suits (check out here for an example) with our pitiful shoes. We had gone from running around until we were hot and sweaty during recess and having the time of our lives to a new regime designed to make us hate exercise. Let’s see: How can we make this as bad as possible? I know! Let’s make everyone wear a horrible outfit, clean their shoes every weekend, line them up on Monday for inspection, and then make them do exercise that is boring and, oh yes! Gets their shoes dirty so they can…you know the drill.

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