Sunday, January 4, 2009

All Are Welcome!

I attended church while visiting my sister in November. At our church we celebrate "All Saints' Day" which is a wonderful way of remembering those who have helped others while living on this earth. Even though I was in another city, my sister and I found the closest church for me to attend. What I found was this lovely gentleman with angel wings and a halo waiting to welcome me and everyone else to church that day.

Each time I look at this picture, I smile because I think about the guts that it took this man to strap on the wings and don the halo.

Being the scrapbooker that I am, I whipped out my camera and asked permission to take his picture. As you can tell, he rewarded me with a big smile and let me take a front and back picture.

Maybe we ought to all start wearing wings, halos, and most importantly, BIG SMILES to remind us that we are saints on earth! Starting the year off with a little "happyness" (a nod to Will Smith) is not a bad idea. Mmm...I think I'll stop by Party City tomorrow and see if there is a pair of wings that will fit me.

Happy 2009!! :)

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