Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lamaze Method at the Lovoy House

Hee-hee-hoooo, push! Hhee-hee-hoooo, push! Am I talking about birthing a baby? Heck, no! I'm talking about the annual "Let's put the tree back into two boxes that seem to get too small every year for that darn 10'fat tree."

My husband was huffing and puffing and trying to shove the trees into the tiny boxes (notice how they keep getting smaller) and I was "coaching" him and giving him LOTS of encouragement. I then broke out into laughter because this felt like childbirth, only our roles were reversed. And, hey, I was really enjoying this one because I wasn't doing all the pushing (and sweating) John got tickled, too, but also reminded me that childbirth is about pushing something OUT not pushing something in. Good thing we didn't get that confused when Casey was being born...Hee-hee-hoooo, push!

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