Sunday, January 4, 2009

We Three Kings Disoriented Are

I love Epiphany Sunday because we FINALLY get to sing the song "We Three Kings." My favorite part comes when Casey and John lean their heads together and bellow, "OH OHHHHHHH" with added emphasis when hitting the refrain. It should be pointed out that this is not a private performance and is during church with lots of people sitting around.This is the one time they don't mind singing extra loud. I have to fight the giggle factor from setting in.

This Sunday also reminds me of a fun tradition we had when Casey was little. We put up several manger sets all over the house. However, we absolutely did not put in the Baby Jesus until Christmas. Also missing were the three wise men. Why? Because we put them elsewhere in the house and moved them up a little closer to their respective mangers. We had wise men on the steps, in the living room, you name it. Pacing and making sure they got to the right manger was critical. Air traffic control nor "The Amazing Race" never had it so hard!! OH OHHHHHH!

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